Accounting Services

  • full bookkeeping (business records) 
  • revenue and expense ledger (KPiR)
  • preparation of financial statements


Tax card and lump sum 

  • keeping VAT records, calculating monthly liabilities and preparation of VAT returns
  • preparation of PIT (Personal Income Tax) and CIT (Corporate Tax) tax declarations
  • delivery of declarations via Internet

Tax advisory is often a part of the bookkeeping service. For complicated tax matters we are in permanent cooperation with tax advisor Magdalena Kucharska.

Human Resources and Payroll

  • preparation of employment contracts, annexes to contracts and certificates of
  • preparation of registrations and de-registrations for ZUS (Social Insurance Institution)
  • calculating payroll
  • keeping personal files
  • preparation of certifications for ZUS
  • maintaining personnel documentation
  • delivering ZUS declarations in electronic form
  • preparation of payment documents for ZUS and PFRON (State Fund for the
    Rehabilitation of the Disabled)
  • certificates of employment and salary payment
  • preparation of employees’ annual PIT-11 and PIT-40 statements, as well as the PIT-4R and PIT-8AR declarations for the tax office